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Used Vacuum Trailers For Sale

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2012 Dragon Super Duty 130BBL Vacuum Trailer For Sale

2012 Dragon Super Duty Vacuum Trailer For SaleDragon and Proco Vacuum Trailers For Sale

We have some ice southern 2012 Dragon Super Duty 130 BBL Vacuum Trailers For sale. They are 5460 Gallons, Plus 2%, 15 PSI internal, 22 INHG external, 23 PSIG hydrostatic test. These used vacuum trailers for sale feature standard equipment such as: heavy duty suspension, double axles, hose pans, internal baffles, exterior stiffner rings, adjustable kin-pin, bottom drain sump, just to mention a few. We also have have several Proco Vacuum Trailers that are VERY similar in specifications. We can deliver your next used vacuum trailer, call for a free delivery quote 1-888-708-3980

Vacuum Trailers For Sale