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 piggyback=We specialize in piggyback trailer/truck mounted forklifts and the trucks/trailers that carry them. We also have many other kinds of forklifts, skidsteers, tractors, trailers, tree service equipment and used equipment for sale. If you are looking for used Moffett Mounty truck mounted forklifts, this is the perfect website for you. Moffett’s come in several different models: the Moffett M500 Moffett M5500; plus, the late model Moffett M50 and m55. We are your one-stop-shop for a piggyback forklifts!

We are proud to present an option to buy a new truck mounted forklift: the Loadmac 825. The Loadmac offers highly desirable standard features. All Loadmac piggyback fork trucks come with an extended reach mast (also known as “double reach”) feature that allows operators to load and unload product from one side of the flatbed: which saves time and adds safety.  Call us and find out more, get a demo or a quote today! Read More… 


Moffett, Navigator, Manitou, Tailgator, Donkey, Palfinger, Princeton

We carry a lot of Moffetts; also, we have other brands of truck mounted forklifts other than Moffett: Princeton, Navigator, Manitou, Tailgator, Donkey, Palfinger, just name name a few.

We take trade-ins or will buy your machine outright: find out more!

Truck Mounted Forklifts

One of the best ways to speed up deliveries in your business is to employ a truck mounted forklift. Also known as piggyback forklifts, these vehicles are small enough to preserve valuable storage space, yet powerful enough to load and unload easily and quickly, all while helping you gain a competitive edge that will set you ahead of the pack.

What can a truck mounted forklift offer?

As its name suggests, a truck mounted forklift is a motorized forklift which can be mounted onto the rear portion of a truck or trailer so as to avoid wasting valuable storage space within the container itself. When compared to other types of forklifts, especially conventional ones, a truck mounted or piggyback forklift (so named due to the position in which it is carried) affords its operator a wide range of benefits, including:

  • The ability to load or unload different forms of cargo without having to wait for help or assistance from other people.
  • The ability to get to work loading or unloading quickly and efficiently in under a minute.
  • A lighter and more agile forklift capable of being used in places that could present issues with maneuverability, such as those with sharp and narrow turns, as well as accessibility, such as unpaved roadways and uneven ground.
  • The ability to select a specific load order quickly and easily.
  • Complete independence during the loading or unloading process, as it does not require any additional devices to perform the task it has been assigned.
  • Operator comfort and exceptional operative times.
  • More precision and versatility, as well as better logistics and better profitability, translating into financial gains.
  • A lightweight design and powerful engine designed to handle heavy loads efficiently and effectively.
  • A compact design that allows for minimal maneuvering, saving time and space when handling cargo

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