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We are the leading used dealer for both the Moffett Forklift & Piggyback forklift. Piggyback forklifts and Moffett truck mounted forklifts are our specialty. See our inventory now. Along with specializing in used Moffetts, we also sell many different brands of used truck mounted forklifts, plus the trailers and trucks that carry them. 90% or more of our units are shipped from our location to clients all over the USA.  Our Motto: “doing business the golden rule way.” If you are searching for a Moffett for sale, look no further, we have many available.

We Sell Used Moffetts, Piggyback Trailers and Trucks

Our Company can be considered a nationwide leader in the sale of used Moffett truck mounted forklifts: we like to  think of ourselves as the “used Moffetts” Capital of the United States; when you learn more about us, we believe you might agree! Your location doesn’t really matter, because we ship most of our units over 300 miles away. When it comes to piggyback forklift equipment, we think you will find no better place to find them. While we specialize in the Moffett Mounty truck mounted forklift: we also sell Princeton piggyback forklifts, Palfinger, Sellick, Manitou, and other brands, just to name a few. Whether you are looking for a flatbed truck that has a mount for a forklift on back or a trailer that carries a piggyback forklift, we are your one stop shop. Click to learn more about used Moffetts and Princeton forklifts.

Curious about what your unit is worth? We will accept trade-ins or will buy your machine outright: find out more.

Equipment Remarketing LLC is a Indiana licensed motor vehicle dealership located in the beautiful Grabill area, just North of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Princeton PB55.3 Piggyback Forklifts For Sale

Currently, we have dozens of late-model Princeton PB55.3 Piggyback Forklifts in stock. They have 12-foot masts and most have a load backrest. Call (260) 238-4998 today to reserve yours!

Princeton PBX Forklift For Sale

Princeton PBX

Used Moffett Mounty M55 For Sale

Used Moffett M55

Princeton and Moffett Forklifts For Sale

Princeton and Moffett Forklifts For Sale

Moffett For Sale on

Moffet For Sale

More About The Piggyback And Truck Mounted Forklift

Truck mounted forklifts designed to be very efficient for the movement of building materials products upon delivery. They allow lumberyards, sod farmers, other building materials companies, and manufacturers to take care of two tasks in one package: loading, delivering products, unloading ,and placing them right where the customer needs them.

These make great sod forklifts because of their excellent rough terrain off road capabilities. sod farms can load up out in the field and deliver with the same unit.

We currently specialize in selling Moffett forklifts but also carry other brands such as Princeton, Sellick, Palfinger, Navigator and Manitou just to mention a few. We also stock a good selection of flatbed trailers and trucks that have mounting provisions on the back to carry a forklift.

We have a wide selection of truck mounted forklifts for sale

If you are looking for MoffettPrinceton, Navigator, Manitou or another brand: we are your source for truck and trailer mounted forklifts!

Princeton & Moffett Forklifts for sale

Check out our NEW & USED Moffett Trailers

If you are looking for a trailer with forklift on back you’re are at the right website!

Piggyback Forklift Trailers For Sale

Flatbed Piggyback Forklift Trailers

Moffett trailers for sale

Moffett Trailers

Our used Moffett trailers can be sandblasted, primed, and paint the color of you choice (black is our standard color). 

We have used Moffett trailers and some Princeton forklift trailers. Most of our trailers have combo kits that will mount either brand. We have plenty of steel and aluminum combo units, as well as, all-steel trailers to choose from.

If you have a flatbed and need forklift mounting provisions, we can give you a quote to add a forklift mounting kit or you can buy a kit to install.

Forklift mounting can be added to a trailer or truck

Trailers with Forklift Mount

New trailers with Forklift mount on back for sale

New Trailers That Will Have A Forklift Mounting Kit Installed On Back

Used Princeton/Moffett Flatbed Forklift Trailers for sale

Used Princeton/Moffett Flatbed Forklift Trailers for sale

Would you like to upgrade your existing trailer with a mounting kit on the back? It needs 48″-60″ of overhang from the edge of the back tires to the end of the trailer. The maximum length of the flatbed trailer is 48 feet will leave space to hang a forklift on back legally in all 50 states. We can modify it for you; also, we have do-it-yourself assemblies available.

Why should somebody buy from us?

We offer our customers a superior product, especially compared to our competitors. We understand that once a unit is purchased and gets on the job, our customer needs to start making money with their investment right away.

Here is a short description of our refurbishment procedures. For the operationally guaranteed inventory, any problems we find are repaired before the painting process is started. The unit is first steam cleaned. Then an inspection is visually done, after that, the unit is put through its operating paces: we even use a 5,000 LBS block of cement for mast lift, tilt, & side-shift testing. Then, we do pressure and leak check. Once any faulty hoses, cylinders, valves, motors, pins/bushings, and other wearable parts are replaced, the unit is then ready to have the paint refurbished or be totally repainted. Some late model inventory arrives in immaculate condition, and only needs minor blemishes touched up, but most units are totally repainted. Ones that are receiving new paint are partially disassembled and given a two-step high-quality urethane finish. This allows our forklifts to have a nice long-lasting finish. We believe that our customers are getting the best possible product at a competitive price. There are other similar companies in the market, but if you come to visit us you will notice you are getting a lot of extra value and service for the same price. If you purchase an operationally guaranteed unit, you will get a promise from us that once your forklift arrives at your location, it will be in the condition as presented when you bought it. If in the rare case there is a problem, you are not stuck, we will help!

Many Units In Stock!

Hundereds of used Moffetts100s of Used Moffetts We are constantly purchasing used Moffetts and having them shipped to us. We have one hundred or more in stock and waiting to go through the refurbishment process.
repainted moffett

Repainted Moffett

Most larger external components such as the roll-cage, chrome plating and seat are removed to give the unit a complete cleaning. Then they are repainted with a durable 2-step paint job.
moffetts fixed up, disassembled, and repainted

Moffetts fixed up, disassembled, and repainted.

Our operationally guaranteed units are thoroughly tested for function. Then pressure/leak checked and repaired before they are given a new finish.
refubished moffetts

Refurbished Moffetts

The roll-cage is painted separately. Once a unit is painted and reassembled, it gives our customers a durable long-lasting finish.

Whether you want your unit shipped to you cross-country within the United States or packed in a container for worldwide shipping, we can help. We have shipped a container full of units as far as Australia!

If you are looking for a piggyback truck and/or trailer mounted forklift this is the best website for you. Piggyback forklifts and the trucks and trailers that carry them is our specialty: we have a large inventory all the time, so come back often to our website, because our selection is constantly changing.

Please remember, we take trade-ins or will buy your machine outright: find out more.

Used Moffett Truck For Sale and Flatbed Trucks with Forklift Mount

Do you want a truck with Moffett? Check out our used Moffett trucks for sale: We also stock heavy duty flatbed trucks with forklift mounting provisions on the back. See More Moffett Trucks

Moffett trucks for sale

Moffett Trucks

Trucks with forklift mount for sale

Truck With Forklift Mount

We sell trucks with a forklift on back. Moffett Truck and Princeton piggyback forklift truck

We sell trucks with a forklift on back. Moffett Truck and Princeton Piggyback forklift truck. Delivery available!

We primarily stock Freightliner flatbed trucks for sale. We also carry International, Peterbilt, and Volvo brands, just to mention a few.

Moffett Forklifts

We specialize the equipment sales side of our business as a used Moffett dealership, want you to think of us as the king of used Moffett dealers in the USA. We have dozens for them ready to ship, and hundreds of more in stock waiting to go through our refurbishment process.

Learn more about the brand.

Moffett Mounty

Named after the company that created it, the Hiab Moffett Mounty has become one of the market’s best selling brand, thanks to its durability, flexibility and versatility, as well as its ease of operation and its ability to be ready for operation in under one minute. A Moffett Mounty can be used in a wide range of occupations and industries, all the way from a small chicken farm, down to the largest lumberyards, and because it has been designed with the maximization of its efficiency in mind, it can be driven over some of the roughest terrain without a hitch!

A Different Moffett Mounty for Every Need.

The Moffett Mounty is so versatile it can be used in a wide range of settings, from urban developments with well paved roadways and loading docks, to construction sites where debris and rough terrain abounds. Even so, they come in different sizes so you can always choose the best one for your specific needs.

Moffett M45 – Designed specially for urban use, the Moffett M45 is the first urban specialist in its kind. Running on a diesel engine, its powerful engine is environmentally friendly and as silent as only this special machine can be. Featuring a lift capacity of approximately 4,500 lbs, this spectacular forklift can maneuver around narrow curves, confined spaces, and restricted spaces in an efficient and effective manner, allowing for the loading and unloading of merchandise easily, without the assistance of additional devices or manpower.

Moffett Mounty M45 truck mounted forklift

Moffett M5500 – The king of industrial use, the Moffett M5500 forklift packs a very large punch into a deceivingly small package. A valuable asset in what respects to making a larger number of deliveries in a shorter amount of time, this extremely agile machine can be used in a very wide range of industrial and commercial applications, from precision deliveries to maneuvering areas with thigh access points, even when carrying wide loads. The powerful engine of the Moffett M5500 forklift can traverse safely on different types of terrain, from paved roads to firm yet uneven off-road conditions. Its lift capacity of up to 5,500 lbs (2,500 kg) and 4-way mode, ensure your deliveries are done right the first time and every time.

We sell Moffett Moffett M5500 truck mounted forklift

Moffett M55 – When necessity calls for a medium to high lift capacity in a semi-industrial setting on any type of terrain, the Moffett M55 can get the job done like a champ. Designed to deal with a variety of conditions, from a cluttered warehouse to loading or unloading in a high traffic road, the Moffett M55 offers a lift capacity of up to 5,500 lbs (2,500 kg) and 4-way mode, which allow it to negotiate even the tightest spots.

We sell Moffett Moffett M55 truck mounted forklift

Moffett M8 55.3 NX – This a new incarnation of the previous M55 Two-Way model. There are many new standard features on the new model. It also gets a new power plant: the previous Kubota engine has been replaced with a Kohler to give it a Tier 4 compliant motor. This newer model also has additional sensors for more operational safety.

Moffett M8 55.3 NX truck mounted forklift

Moffett M8 55.4 NX – This model has all of the features of the M8 55.3 NX but also includes a 4-Way option. The Four-Way system turns the machine into a multi-directorial unit. This enables it to drive forward and backwards like a conventional 2-Way model, but also side to side. This side to side mode is fully steerable. Being in 4-Way mode gives the operator the opportunity to carry long material through narrow opening and areas: such as, through an overhead door or between closer together obsticles.

Moffett M8 55.4 NX truck mounted forklift

Other common models: M5000, M4000E, P6000, M5500 4W; also, more rare ones M55P, M5500P, & TM55.

Rough Terrain – The Moffett Mounty has been considered the battle horse of rough terrain performance. Regardless of whether they must cruise over marshy land, or over ditches, around rocks and a variety of other obstacles, these machines have been designed with optimal performance in mind, no matter what surprises the ground and the weather may pull out! With a lift capacity of up to 8,000 lbs (3,600 kg), these fork-trucks also offer 4-way mode which allow it to navigate easily through the most cluttered work site, making it one of Moffett’s most popular models today. 

If you are searching for used Moffetts for sale, you should contact us right away, we have many different units available right now.

People have asked:

  1. How much will a Moffett lift? Moffett model numbers indicate how much they will lift. For instance, a Moffett M55, M8 55.3 or M5500 will lift 5,500 LBS. A Moffett M45 or M4500 will lift 4,500 LBS
  2. Who makes Moffett Forklifts? Hiab makes Moffett Forklifts.
  3. Where are Moffett Forklifts made? Moffett Forklifts are made in Ireland.
  4. How much does a Moffett forklift weight? A Moffett M55 weights about 6,200 LBS, a Moffett m55.4 weighs about 7,200 LBS, and a Moffett M5500 weighs about 5,800 LBS>
  5. What’s a Moffett? A Moffett is a 3 wheeled all-wheel drive rough terrain forklift that easily mounts onto the back of a truck or trailer for delivery of products. A Moffett does not use cargo space when it is transported, and proves a means to load and unload material in one trip.
  6. What does Moffett stand for? Moffett is the last name of the person the invented the truck mounted forklift.
  7. What type of forklift is a Moffett? A Moffett is a truck mounted forklift. It hangs off of the back of a truck or trailer, by utilizing a specialize kit for mounting it for transport without reducing the cargo space of the vehicle transporting it.

Princeton Forklifts

Princeton Piggyback Forklifts

The term piggyback forklift was first used by Teledyne Princeton Delivery Systems when they began to manufacture the Princeton Forklift. A Princeton forklift hooks onto the back of a truck or trailer with a unique mounting and hooking system. Princeton piggyback forklifts are about the second most used brand within the truck mounted forklift industry. This makes them widely available, as well as their parts. When an operator needs to move to a new job site they pull up to the back of the truck or trailer and the forks stick into a mounting system. The piggyback forklift then raises itself and pulls itself into a mounting position. The tires do not touch the ground; therefore, it hangs on the back of the trailer or truck, hence it is called a piggyback forklift. Princeton was bought by Hiab some time ago: which owns the competing and dominant brand called Moffett. Princeton Forklifts were originally manufactured in Columbus Ohio, but they are now built in Ireland. New Princeton forklifts are now very similar mechanically to Moffetts. Beginning 2015 some Princeton piggyback forklifts are completely redesigned for units such as the PB55.3, PB50.3, and now the newer models PB55+, PB50+, PB55X+, PB70+ & PB80+. Models such as the Princeton PB55.4 and now PB55+ 4-Way are basically badge-engineered Moffett in blue paint. Before this, models that were uniquely Princeton where: the PB45, PB50, PBX, PB70 and PB80. As of January 2019, most if not all these models are no longer in production.

Princeton PB50 – Is still the most common of Princeton forklifts available. It’s the mainstay of most fleet that use the brand exclusively. One stage mast models have a typical lifting capacity of 5000 LBS while units with a two stage mast are usually rated to lift 5500 LBS. The PB50 started production with a CAT 3024C engine, later models use a Kubota.

Princeton PB50

Princeton PBX – This model is essentially a PB50 with an extra reach feature on the mast, that enables it to unload products from one side of the vehicle. The PBX is very similar to the D50 “Double Reach” model it replaced. This is handy feature is good in urban settings where there isn’t much space to turn the vehicle around to unload the other side.

Princeton PBX

Princeton PB55+, & PB55.3 –The PB55.3 & PB55+ has a stretched wheelbase compared to a Moffett M8 55.3. The seat moved to the center of the machine and the mast is the see-through type, with the lift cylinders moved to the outside. This unit started production around the 2014 model year. We are now starting to enter the used market in greater numbers.

Princeton PB55.3 and PB55+

Princeton PB55.3X+ –The PB55.3X+ is very similar to the PB55.3+, but it also has what used to be know as the “double reach” pantograph extension that enables the forks to reach across the bed, and get the load from the other side. This unit has essentially replaced the PBX model.

Princeton PB55.3X+

If you are looking for nice used Princeton forklifts for sale, then we are the best place to shop. We are a dealer of truck mounted forklifts, and have a wide variety of Princeton piggyback forklifts to select from. We sell most of our units with a 30 day engine warranty and operational guarantee; therefore, you can feel comfortable ordering online, and having it delivered. We have competitive prices and great shipping rates! Call us today at (888) 708-3980

Moffett Mounting Kit
Moffett forklift mount kit for truck or trailer. Optional Princeton mounting hooks can be added. New condition. You get everything you need to adding mounting provisions to your vehicle or trailer. Comes with instructions. We custom build these kits in our manufacturing facility. We can have your new forklift mounting kit delivered at a great price.

We are your Moffett forklift dealer. Versatility, maneuverability, accessibility and a whole slew of features have been combined with power and a sleek design that allow the Moffett Mounty or a Princeton Piggyback to fit in perfectly with your business no matter what. So don’t hesitate, if you are in the market for a more profitable asset for your cargo needs, as well as the type of performance only a piggyback truck mounted forklift can offer, give us a call today!

Equipment Remarketing LLC is based right here in Northeast Indiana.

We buy and sell Piggy-Back Trailer/Truck Mounted Forklifts, Flatbed Trucks and Trailers